Brown spots on adenium plants and desert rose growing

Q: I have a desert rose plant that has done very well until the heavy rains this summer. I have it planted in a 20 gallon bucket. The leaves are turning yellow and falling off. The leaves also get brown spots on them. I re-potted the plant about 2 weeks ago changed¬† out the soil to a well draining mix. I had been told that it is possibly getting to much water so I have controlled when it gets watered. This is affecting new growth as well as old. It won’t be long before all the leaves drop. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN…

A: The plants are starting to go into their dormant phase in South Florida. You will loose leaves and they will grow back.¬† Did you use super thrive when you re-potted the adenium plant to give it a growth boost? 20 gallon pot (if a true bucket I hope you made drain holes in it) seems very large unless the plant has a very large caudex (10″ or large across).

The spots are normal for our area due to high humidity and tons of rain. Our plant racks start at 45″ above the ground to help prevent brown spots (less moisture from the ground). However, due to our very heavy rains this year over 80+ inches you will get some brown spotting. Now that we are so called dry season; I would remove all the adenium plants leaves that have spots on them now. Then over the next couple months the leaves will grow back and them start flowering in Jan/Feb/march time frame. Our office is in Doral but the adenium nursery is in Homestead. We lease a portion of a wholesale palm nursery land to grow the desert rose plants so we are not allow to do retail sales from the nursery. When we grow larger we will open a retail location.Do not worry about loosing all your leaves they will grow back if you properly care for he adenium plant.


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  1. I have two desert rose plants I bought from a small nursery in south miami. I repotted them and they did amazing, first spotted, then much leaf growth and now, October into nov they flowered, however then they got lots of yellow leaves and spots. I removed them as you said, what I wonder is now should I keep them inside due to cold snap? Also how wet or dry should soil be? They are in our sun room, should they be in full sun? Thanks so much for your help. Cary brief.

    • We have a mild cool down in October and now another one. The adeniums plants are going semi dormant which will cause leaf loss and sometimes all the leaves. It does not get cold enough to move then indoors in south Florida. It would need to be below 40 degrees for a few days before you need to bring them inside (remember it takes a bit to cool down the soil/ground which radiates heat). You may want to consider getting some Dyan-Grow grow and apply to the plant once a month through February.

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