Adenium desert rose succulent plants true flower colors

Megenta adenium rose flower with contrasting red flower
magenta verses red adenium rose flower

If you look at various adenium plant selling sites you will notice a wide range of names and colors. Adenium plant flowers come in many different shade of white, reds, pink, yellow, burgundy almost black and mixtures of these colors.  However, you need to be careful in when selecting colors on websites because many of the images are graphically changed. One of the worst ones we see on the internet are magenta and black looking flowers on the adenium plants.

Look at the image on this post and you will see a middle of the road red and a true magenta size by side. There is a color different but not the extreme over saturated magenta you see on some Ebay seed selling auctions. You will notice the adenium succulent plant magenta color flower is a red magenta not the more purple you see on Ebay.  The adenium plant flower picture were taken in normal sun light.  Notice the magenta color does have a bit of  richer magenta pedal color towards the edge of the adenium plant. The images of the desert rose succulent plant where not enhanced in anyway. It is a shade of magenta but do not get fooled by images you see on Ebay.  If you want to see true images of adenium plants check out adeniumrose website or photo gallery. Images of UN-enhanced succulent desert rose adenium plants will start going up on the photo gallery this week.