Adenium plant grafting and desert rose plants

Several people have ask about the grafts and the age of the plant we use as the base of the adenium graft. First, the base adenium, desert rose, plant we use as grafting material is an 3yr old Adenium with a caudex of approximately 3″ or larger. Adenium plant that is 3yrs old is well established, it has been growing outside in the elements so it disease resistant and the trunk is large enough to accept a good size graft or several adenium hybrid grafts.

When grafting we select a adenium branch or branches that are at least 3″ long from a plant that is 3..5 years old. We do not graft adenium seedlings or branches from young adeniums for the same reason we use at least a 3yr adenium stock plant to graft onto. The healthier the adenium plant and adenium graft the better chance the graft holds and stays healthy.

Grafting adenium plants is not a hard process. However if you do not take proper precautions your adenium, desert rose, plant graft will fail. You need to use very healthy plants, sterile tools, proper size of grafting area,  proper wrapping and other procedures to get the adenium graft to work. The AdeniumRose Company waits a full 8 months or more which means 2 flowering cycles before offering grafted adenium plants. In addition the plant must be growing outdoors at least 6 months to make sure its healthy and resistant to problems. Desert rose plants are very hearty and graft well under the right conditions.