Adeniums Desert rose pots: what types of pots to use

Adeniums will grow in  a variety of pot sizes, shapes and styles. When selecting your pot for your desert rose succulent plant make sure they have water DRAIN holes. Grab some rocks and cover the holes to prevent the soil for leaking our.  You want to cover the holes but so not block the water from getting out of the pot.

Select a pot size that leaves 2 to 3 inches of free space around the adenium roots unless you want to keep the plant from growing in size. AdeniumRose Company uses standard nursery plastic pots while growing and repot them 1 to 2 times a year until they reach the desired size or shape. Once the adeniums root is caudex is in the 3″ to 4″ size across we use mostly shallow pots (2″ to 4″ deep) only for force the caudex to grow out and large. Yes, we do have some in deep ceramic pots but the adeniums, desert roses, in those pots are in the very large size (18″ and larger caudex).

One of our favorite types of pots for adeniums are bonsai. Bonsai pots are shallow which promotes larger caudex (exposed roots) and provide the width for growth. Adeniums are not normally a deep root plant; however you can grow deep roots if you desire taller growing caudex. Ask AdeniumRose Company how to adjust your plants for best caudex growing and bonsai effect or just let it grow without any shaping help for great looking plants (90% of our plants are not trained bonsai).