Desert rose soil: What soil to use for growing adeniums

Growing adeniums desert rose plants verse seeds require different soil. In this article I will discuss growing in containers once the plants are four to five months old with a caudex of ½” of larger.  Once the adenium desert rose seedling gets to a size that allows you to put it in full summer heat and sun light out should replant into a soil mix that is designed fro a more nature plant. Adenium obesum, commonly known as the desert rose, is a flowering succulent native to the soil of sub-Saharan Africa and the Arabian peninsula First it must be course soil mix and drain fast!

The general adenium soil mix used in my are consists of perlite, sand, rock, top soil  and coir. Yes, you can use peat moss by remember peat moss retains more water plus moss peat moss is a wetting agent to allow it to re-capture moisture faster. Regular of the shelf cacti soil will work for adeniums but its not the best. If you plan to collect adenium plants, desert roses (common name) than you will want to create your own soil designed for your area. The basic mix is still the same but you may need to add more or less coir for moisture control.

When mixing soil for adeniums desert rose plants non-seedlings, use 65% perlite, 10 coir, 10% sand/rock and 15% organic material such as top soil. Add a bit of fertilizer you are ready to plant adeniums. If you are using store bought cacti add additional perlite and sand/rock to make the mix courser so water drains faster. Most cacti soils purchased in stores to much peat moss for your adeniums. The main problem with growing adeniums is root rot. You want to be able to water which means you need a soil for your desert rose that drain quickly. Once you have the correct soil 97% of all problems with growing desert roses adeniums plants are solved!